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All Day FORE Africa Sings On
All Day FORE Africa 5K
All Day FORE Africa 2013
All Day FORE Africa Sings On


All Day FORE Africa, Inc. (ADFA) is a non-profit organization that works to motivate kids to make a difference in the world.  
ADFA believes that children from around the world have a lot to learn from one another. One child's talent may inspire another.  One child's joy may give another hope.  This is why we pursue the dream of "Kids FORE Kids" organizing fun events throughout the United States, where kids use their passions to raise money for the children of Africa and the United States.
Through our kid-driven fundraising events such as golfing, swimming, dancing, singing, and other fun activities we have raised over $500,000  which supports Fr. Leszek and his projects in Kibeho, Rwanda and the impact has been HUGE!
What started as one girl raising money for a school in Rwanda, has grown into an exciting organization that is hosting events around the USA!
All Day FORE Africa in Rwanda
All Day FORE Africa students

We currently support 2 schools (880 students) in a small village of Kibeho, Rwanda and The Jami Cummings Learn 2 Swim Program.                                                   

Nyrashishi Primary School:  We have 730 students in grades P1-P6.  Our students are enthusiastic about learning but face many challenges including lack of adequate books and supplies and learning English, the new official language in Rwanda.

The Blind Children's School:   We love to support this wonderful school run by the Franciscan Sisters Servants of the Cross.  These special kids are healthy and happy and excelling in their studies!
All Day FORE Africa and JCL2S
Jami Cummings Learn 2 Swim:   It's heart warming to see all Nobles County 2nd graders learn to swim through this special program at the YMCA.  We love to support this program because we believe it's a perfect example of KIDS FORE KIDS.
Since 2010 ADFA has provided total funding for these exciting projects:
*Water System for Nyrashishi Primary School
*Medical Center that serves over 3,000 people in the village of Kibeho
*Mission Abana:  Our feeding program that nourishes 920 children and supports the        Seven Loaves Project
*Construction and ongoing support for ADFA Children's Academy which provides English classes, art and music classes for the area students.
*Bathrooms for Nyrashishi Primary School
*Sports Area
*Teachers Dormitories
*ADFA Prayer Partner Program 
*ADFA Scholarship Program which sponsors many students in their high school education
*Provide shoes and clothing to our  920 students
*Let Your Light Shine - distributing Luminaid Solar Lanterns throughout the village
*ADFA Children's Academy- providing learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom
We also plan exciting Mission Trips to Rwanda where we get to work directly with Fr Leszek and our friends in Kibeho.
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