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It’s been said...”Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” So, what do you stand FORE? At All Day FORE Africa, we stand for the possibility that the world is full of goodness. We stand for believing that we can use our talents and time to make a positive difference in the world. We believe you are never too young (or old) to impact the world in a BIG way.   Over the past several years, we have stood with the village of Kibeho, Rwanda and worked together to raise money for a water system, sports area, medical center, scholarships, an ongoing feeding program, shoes, Luminaid lanterns, school supplies and so much more.

This year, we have decided to stand up BIG for the kids of Kibeho. Our promise to them is to keep working until we raise enough money to complete the All Day FORE Africa Children’s Academy.  


The ADFA Children’s Academy has a dual purpose.

First, the Academy is a place where many kids from the

village can excel and pursue their talents and dreams.

The Children’s Academy gives them a place to come,

outside of school hours, and have intense learning

opportunities in their specific field of interest whether it be

Language, Arts, Music, Sports or anything else that

cultivates big dreams for a bright future.

Second, Fr. Leszek and the Cana Center in Kibeho get

many requests from international volunteers to come,

visit and work. This may be for a week, a month or longer. Currently there isn’t an organized volunteer program that allows people to come on their own                                                 schedules and have meaningful work with the people.                                         Through the Children’s Academy we are establishing                                           the ADFA International Volunteer Program which                                                 will coordinate the desires of the volunteers with the                                           needs of the people in Kibeho. We envision the ADFA                                         Children’s Academy becoming a perfect blend of                                                 people coming together to impact the world for good. And that’s why we believe that the ADFA Children’s Academy will really                                             CHANGE HEARTS AND CHANGE LIVES.


ADFA Children's Academy Plans















1.  MUSIC CLASS:                      $ 9,000 EACH

2.  CHAPEL:                               $11,600

3.  OFFICE:                                $14,500

4.  WORKSHOP                         $12,800 (COMPLETE)

5.  LIBRARY/BIBLE STUDY         $23,500 (COMPLETE)

6.  RESTROOM                          $13,500 (COMPLETE)

7.  STAGE & OBSERVATORY     $28,000

     FENCING & LANDSCAPE    $18,000


ESTIMATED PROJECT COST:   $170,000 USD         




GROUND BREAKING:                 October 2017       

GRAND OPENING:                            June 2018


Here are a few ways you could be apart of the incredible change happening through All Day FORE Africa. Please help us make the ADFA Children’s Academy a reality.       


           Join us in praying for the completion of the ADFA Children’s Academy.         

           Make a tax deductible donation to this campaign.     ​                        

                    Checks can be made to:  All Day FORE Africa  Box 234  Worthington, MN 56187        

           Share the vision with your friends.

All Day FORE Africa, Inc. is a registered 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible. ADFA is dedicated to remaining a highly efficient organization with minimal operating expenses. We are proud to say that all workers are strictly volunteer and most contribute financially to ADFA. This allows for over 95% of your donations to directly impact the children in Rwanda and the US. We thank you for your trust and promise to continue to work to keep working hard for our friends.

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