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We are very proud of our Rwandan high school friends who have decided to form a ADFA-Kids FORE Kids group in Kibeho, Rwanda!
During a recent mission trip, we arranged to have translators from a local high school in Kibeho.  These exceptional kids were fun to work with and gave their whole hearts to our mission.
At the end of the mission we gathered for a meeting. They shared with us that many of them were from the city and they had no idea that people in their own country were living without many of the basic necessities such as water and electricity.
All Day FORE Africa Rwanda
All Day FORE Africa Rwanda
All Day FORE Africa Rwanda
All Day FORE Africa Rwanda
All Day FORE Africa Rwanda
They were impacted by our desire to help these kids with light, new shoes, school supplies and food.  During our gathering, they asked if they could join us in this mission and help the children of Rwanda.  And so they started the very first ADFA Kids FORE Kids in Rwanda!
Today their group is growing in number and have over 300 members!  They are raising money to buy school supplies, soap and other needed items for students in their high school.  With joy, they plan fun events for the students to showcase their talents and passions.  All of this is to make a difference in the world! 
We are so proud of their accomplishments and support their efforts!  KIDS FORE KIDS!
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