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In Rwanda and many other cultures, being blind is considered a disgrace to the family. Oftentimes, blind children are not well cared for and are sometimes dismissed from the family.

The Blind Children's School is a response to that cultural feeling.  At this special boarding school, blind children from throughout the country are receiving the most excellent education available.

The school is run by the Franciscan Sisters Servants of the Cross.  Their exceptional skills of teaching and care show in every detail of daily life and education at the school!  When we visit, it is clear that these sisters see great potential in each and every child.  The students are expected to give 100% to their work and their studies. 

The Blind Children's School is rated #1 in the district and 100% of the students in P6 pass their national exam.  


ADFA is proud to support this amazing work and will work to continue feeding and providing shoes and school supplies to these exceptional students.

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