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This remote school is located high in the hills of Kibeho, Rwanda. Prior to this school being built, the children in this area were walking several miles to another school located lower in the village.  In order to get to school they needed to cross a river.  In the rainy season it was very dangerous and many students didn't attend school during this time.  Fr. Leszek, MIC, took on the project of building this school after 2 students died trying to pass across the river to go to school.  When it opened in 2010, there were 200 students. Today the school has 730 students in grades P1-P6.

All Day FORE Africa Rwanda
All Day FORE Africa Rwanda

Our 730 students are enthusiastic about learning but face many challenges in their education. 


First, the official language of Rwanda was changed from French to English just a few years ago.  This creates a difficult learning environment for our teachers and students.  We are happy that with each visit we see the progress in perfecting the language.  But we still have a long way to go!


All Day FORE Africa Rwanda
All Day FORE Africa Rwanda

Second, Nyrashishi Primary School is located in a very remote location and there is not access to electricity.  All teaching and learning is done with limited materials. We bring school supplies and some educational material when we visit but look forward to the day when this remote location has electricity.


These challenges don’t stop our friends from trying their best!  We are so happy to encourage and support them in their efforts and we celebrate with them when they pass their national exam in P6. 


When a student passes the national exam, they can then apply for the ADFA Scholarship Program, which allows them to be placed in a quality boarding school for their Secondary education.

When we began working with the school in 2010, NOT ONE student had that opportunity.  Today, we have 12 students on full scholarship.   We thank God for the blessing of watching these students excel and truly make a better life for themselves and their families. 


All of this is accomplished through the hard work of our ADFA kids and the generosity of our donors.  We are so grateful for everyone who supports the idea of KIDS FORE KIDS and we promise to work hard to be good stewards of our resources.   

All Day FORE Africa Rwanda
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