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All Day FORE Africa was founded in 2010 and since that time we have been building a BRIDGE OF LOVE between the United States and Kibeho, Rwanda. Over the past 9 years we have developed a beautiful friendship with the people of Kibeho. It seems that no matter how many meals, scholarships or programs we provide for our friends in Kibeho, it is truly the Rwandan people who continue to bless us!

All day FORE Africa Rwanda
All Day FORE Africa Rwanda

We are happy to support Fr. Leszek and his projects in Kibeho, Rwanda. Fr. Leszek is a Polish priest who has been living in Rwanda for almost 25 years.  His work with the Marian Fathers in Kibeho has accomplished some amazing things over the years.  It has been a great blessing for ADFA to work together for the good of the people.  Some of the projects ADFA has funded include building a Medical Center, teachers dormitories and putting in a water system for the school.  We also provide food, vitamins and supplies for nearly 1,000 students.  

The ADFA Scholarship Program continues to grow every year and we currently have 15 students receiving scholarships.

All Day FORE Africa is also excited to be supporting The Jami Cummings Learn 2 Swim Program.  It is a fantastic program that teaches all area 2nd graders to swim through the local YMCA in Worthington, MN.   

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